The C++ Standard Library


What every professional C++ programmer should know about the C++ standard library.


With the current C++20 standard, C++ has many libraries to offer. My book's key idea is to give you the necessary information to all the C++ standard libraries in a concise way.

The book is an improved version of my German book C++ Standardbibliothek published by O'Reilly.


The goal of The C++ Standard Library is to provide you a concise reference of the C++ standard library in about 300 pages. This book assumes that you are familiar with C++. If so, you will get the most benefit from this book. If C++ is new to you, you should start with a textbook about core C++. Once you have mastered a textbook about the core language, you can make your next big step by reading my book.

This book has, also, more than 100 running code examples to the code snippets I presented in the book.Therefore you can combine the theory with the practices and get the most of it.



  • pdf: 300 pages
  • Publisher's: Self-publishing on Leanpub
  • Language: English
  • Programs: More than 120


Arguably the quickest and easiest way to get up to speed on the most important parts of the C++ standard library. Recommended for any modern C++ programmer.
– Rick Audet, Senior Engineer, Dolby Laboratories


The C++ Standard Library makes me so clear about the content of the STL, which make me dive into most important parts of the C++ Library. Such as Containers, the usage of the Iterators with Containers, the type of Callable Units, the lookup of Algorithm and so all, Sincerely, all C++ Programmers should treat this book as a reference book. You will benefit a lot. Trust me! At last, I wanna thank the author, thanking his book improves my insight.

– Zeshuang Mi, Postgraduate


Further Information:

At Leanpub Leanpub/cpplibrary


Thanks to Andrzej Warzynski all small typos in syntax errors are fixed in the improved version of my book.


The book is also available in Korean:






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