100 posts anniversary - Quo vadis Modernes C++?

After 99 posts is the best time to think about the future of my blog. I wrote about multithreading with modern C++. I wrote about embedded programming with C++. And I'm nearly done with my TOC. So it's time for a new poll.


Because I translate all post subsequently to English, I wrote this post in English. The result of this poll - with a short delay -is also relevant for my English blog. So, the big question is, what comes next. I have a lot of ideas in my mind. But I want you to vote. 

Here are my ideas.

 Sexy Polling: there is nothing to show!

Here are the rules:

  • The poll will be open for 2 weeks (including 24th of July, CET)
  • You have one vote.
  • Sorry, I can not change the German words to English: (Ansehen: view; Abstimmen: vote)

So please vote and share this poll, so I can write about the stuff, you are most interested in.


In case the poll is done, I think about the structure of the winner topic and publish a TOC about my plan.


Modernes C++,











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