My plan with

For my english readers and especially proofreaders, I will give you a rough idea, what will happen with in the next time.

The general plan

Here the big points.

  • Use as a starting base and copy it to
  • Reduce to the blog
  • Successively translate the articles in English (2-3 articles per week)
  • Publish the article in a special space of the webpages, so that only registered users can see and edit them at the frontend
  • After proofreading, I will publish the articles for the rest of the world

For the proofreaders

In case I'm done with my general plan, I send a short notification. That will take at least one week.

These are steps you have to perform:

  • Register yourself at
  • I will enable your account, in case, I know you.
  • Look at the articles in the menu Unpublished.
  • Proofread the articles from top to bottom.
  • You will make the life a lot easier for me,  if you start with the first article, which was not proofread.
  • One proofreader for one article is enough.
  • In case you are done, put your name and the page, which should be mentioned(John Doe, at the end of the article
  • It's important to put at least your name at the end of the article. Of course, you can write (Nobody), if you don't like it. The key is, that the other proofreaders and I know, that the article is ready for publishing. I will remove Nobody from the article.
  • In case you like it, I will mention you in the tweet as the proofreader.


Suggestions?  I hope, that's fine for you. If not, please comment on this page.








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