I'm Done - Geschafft: Words about the Future of my Blogs

I'm more than happy to say. I'm done with translating my more the 130 posts from http://www.grimm-jaud.de/index.php/blog to http://www.modernescpp.com/index.php. I started in April last year and it took me almost a year to translate my German posts into English. What does this mean for my German and my English blog?


At first, to my most import point: From now one, I will write my post in English and German in lockstep.

Here are the details of my plan:

  • After my survey "Die Zukunft meines Deutschen Blogs", I decided to keep on writing my posts in English and German. In particular, the comments helped me to make my decision.
  • From now on I will publish the same post on both blogs once a week.
  • Of course, one post is in English and one in German.
  • Both posts will be published on Monday.
  • You will get a message via my newsletter if you are subscribed. 
  • I will write news such as this one only in English and will publish them on both blogs. (Für die Deutschen Leser: Es gibt ein Übersetze-Button im rechten oberen Eck von http://www.grimm-jaud.de/index.php/blog.)


My personal note:

Of course, I published a lot of stuff in the last year in my English blog. About 130 posts a year means in average 2.5 posts a week. I addition, I wrote one post a week in German. Therefore a few people accused me of producing spam or self-promotion. What is bad about producing a lot of stuff with high quality? Should I do it with a pseudonym? Honestly, I don't get their point. Spam is about quality not about quantity. 

Of course, I have a lot of people that encouraged me to translate my German posts into English. So, I did it for them and ignored the other ones. Because I had a big goal in mind. Keep my English blog as fast as possible in lockstep with my German blog. Now, I'm done and therefore my publishing will become a lot easier.

So, I plan to write a new English book on Leanpub. I hope, that it will be published in Korean and German. A Korean publisher seems to be interested. I will have a discussion with a German publisher. The book will be about Multithreading from C++11 to C++20. I will write about the memory model, the threading interface, the parallel STL, and about future directions of C++20 and beyond. The focus of my book is quite simple: explaining the often mind-blowing stuff.


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