Articles in English?

This article is intentionally written in English. Why? You will see in a few words. I get a lot of readers, complaining, that the articles are written in German. But I get also a lot of people, which are really happy about German. So I'm undecided.

So I thought about it and came to the conclusion, that I should translate the articles one by one to English and publish them on a new webside.

I will tell you my idea. Each week I will publish one new article in German and translate one or two of the old ones into English. So in about half of a year German and English should be in lock step. There are two simple reasons to continue to publish the articles in German. The first point is, Pearson and O'Reilly has stopped to publish technical books in German. So we have a lack of new German books. The second point is, that I'm a lot better in writing in German than in English.

Now to my main reason for writing this article. I need a little help from you. For each article, which I want to translate into English, I need a voluntary proofreader. This volunteer should proofread the syntax of my articles. I will send to you the article in pdf format or something similar and you make your remarks. I mention you in the article. I think you need 15 minutes for the proofreading. You does not mean, that you have to be one person.
I want to answer two questions with my poll. Who is interested in reading the articles in English? Who wants to help me? In case you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Sexy Polling: there is nothing to show!

The poll helps me to get the impression, if it makes sense, to translates the articles in English. Please share the poll. So we get a representative result.

The poll will end at 11.04 (german time).









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